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Promotion Shop

Outdoor and Shoes Fair

Get prepared to enjoy your holiday in outdoor leisurely!

Children Fair

Dress up with brand new clothes to enjoy spring and summer!
14/5~26/5:◆TW 1/F

Taiwanese Food Fair

Popular Taiwanese snacks to satisfy your taste buds!
14/5~27/5:◆TW 2/F

e.window Kitchenware and Homeware Fair

Cook your delicious Spring and Summer dishes with premium kitchenware!
14/5~26/5:◆YL ◆MOS

Kitchenware and Homeware Fair

Practical kitchen and home appliances for your kitchens and entire houses!

AIMEDIA Ideal Homeware Fair

Great homewares help you tidy up your home efficiently!
27/5~9/6:◆TW 1/F

Father’s Day Fair

Prepare a thoughtful gift to show your love and care to your Dad!
27/5~16/6:◆TW 2/F ◆YL ◆MOS ◆TKO ◆TM

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