Combi Mechacal Handy Auto 4 Cas

[Post Date:10-9-2019]
Children's safe luxury outing seat!

Primada Multi Steam & Grill

[Post Date:10-9-2019]
Steam, Boil, Pan-Fry, Grill & Bake all in one, easy DIY your own dishes!

Babies Wear Fair

Time to add comfortable and cute baby clothes for your baby!

Cookware and Tableware Fair

Exquisite and practical kitchen utensils make cooking and serving more decent!
16/9~2/10:◆TW2/F ◆YL◆TM

Electronic Accessories Fair

Various smart accessories to make your life more convenient and efficient!

Outdoor Fair

Let’s spend time in the nature and enjoy the outdoor fun!

Food Fair

Collect different food and snacks, share the taste of autumn!

The Good Old Taste 老事嚐回味

日期 : 2019年8月28日至9月24日
地點 : 千色Citistore荃灣, 馬鞍山, 將軍澳店內CTBeatZ

(中文) 中銀恒地會Visa卡精選禮遇

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