Neoflam 26cm Pote Extrema Coated Die-Casted Casserole

Casseroles are often used in daily home-cooked dishes such as stews, boiled soups and noodles. They are convenient and space-saving, definitely indispensable items in the kitchen! Neoflam 26cm Pote Extrema Coated Die-Casted Casserole is simple and stylish, its material, performance and depth are specially designed for dishes containing soup. The Internal and external ceramic coating provides good thermal conductivity, small fire cooking can achieve great heating performance, so that the food will not lose its nutrients due to long time cooking. In addition, the body and the cover comes with a venting hole, which can be used with the side handles to easy pour out the soup without spillage. Each intimate detailed design gives users a more convenient kitchen experience!

  • Made in Korea
  • Suitable for induction
  • Patented “XTREMA COATING” non-stick coating, better non-stick effect, durable and good heating effect
  • Stronger scratch resistance, durable
  • One piece body design to prevent dirt
  • Vent hole design, easy to pour out the soup

Neoflam 26cm Pote Extrema Coated Die-Casted Casserole

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