HOMEY Mini NewAir

In the hot shinny day, you will choose to stay indoors to relax, or go outdoors to have fun under the sun? However, even if you turn on your fan at home or carry a portable electrical fan outside, the air blowing out is warm which is not effective to cool you down. This small and portable HOMEY Mini NewAir is your summer cool companion! With the separate water tank and cooling ice pads, even in the hot and humid environment, the wind blowing out is cooler than normal fans. With the external power supply, it is easy to carry around so you can enjoy the cooling comfort of air-conditioning outdoors anytime!

  • Front light touch button, 3-stage wind speed adjustment
  • Air filter cooling pad, can be removed for cleaning
  • Separate water tank, convenient to refill water
  • Support USB plug and power bank power supply for outdoor use
  • Comes with 2 cooling ice pads and a USB power cord
  • Sizes: 19 x 18.5 x 21 (height) cm

HOMEY Mini NewAir (AC-09AR)


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