OMRON Electronic Pulse Massager

How do you deal with muscle soreness in a busy life? It is not possible to immediately find a therapist to manage, so some small home massagers always come in handy to help ease pains! OMRON Electronic Pulse Massager is a treatment that relies on physical current stimulation to relieve soreness and is suitable for sedentary, long time standing, or after exercise. You can choose the right massage mode and power level according to your needs and preferences to soothe the soreness of different parts of your body! This massager is small in size and easy to use at home or on the go!

  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • 3 massage modes: tapping, kneading and rubbing
  • 6 regions (automatic therapy program): shoulders, waist, arm, joint, leg, sole
  • 15 levels of intensity for the right amount of relief
  • Dedicated long-lasting electrode patch, can be reused about 300 times

OMRON Electronic Pulse Massager (HV-F021)


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Promotional period until 16/6/2019
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