maxcare Spiky Massage Pillow

Many people are eager to have a massage chair, but often give up the idea because of limited space, expensive and other reasons. Nowadays, there are more and more massage appliances that can be easily carried and stored up, and the comfort level can be comparable to the massage chair! Just like the maxcare Spiky Massage Pillow, which comes with roller massage heads, rotary kneading modes, infrared heating function, etc. It can be buckled on the chair, allowing you to sit comfy for a long time, and specifically help relieve the soreness of the back, shoulder and neck. Definitely a good working partner for busy urban people!

  • Designed with 4 roller massage heads and 2 alternate kneading modes, mimics the real-hand massage to remove fatigue and soreness
  • Soothing infrared heating can reach the deeper layers of skin, relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation
  • Massage any desired areas, e.g. neck, shoulder and back, according to your own needs
  • Easy to use, ultra-thin design, attachable to chairs
  • With an AC/DC adapter and a car adapter

maxcare Spiky Massage Pillow (MAX-X02SM301H)


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Promotional period until 16/6/2019
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