Cherry Nano Health Quilt

Winter is coming, except for switching out your seasonal clothing it is also time to change your quilt which has been used for several seasons. To stay warm in the gradually chilling weather, Cherry Nano Health Quilt is your first choice! It provides extra softness and excellent warmth without sultry feeling. Even if you use it for years, it still remains fluffy and breathable. It is the best sleeping partner for you to spend the lazy winter!

  • High-density nanofibers
  • With high-tech anion nano-treatment, super soft texture
  • Excellent warmth, high pressure resistance, still fluffy after long term use
  • Effectively adjust the temperature and humidity

Single: 60” x 89”
Double: 70” x 89”
Queen: 80” x 89”

Cherry Nano Health Quilt


Available at bedding department in all stores and on OnCitinet Online Shopping Platform
Promotional period until 13/11/2019
*All prices are subject to change without prior notice