Vtech Fly & Learn Globe

[Post Date:7-3-2019]Let the children become pilots and get to know the world!

Pierre Riche Wheeled Backpack

[Post Date:27-6-2019]
Carry and pull dual use, flexible and effortless!

BLUEIDEE Hands-Free Neckband Fan

[Post Date:13-6-2019]
Enjoy the cool breeze anytime anywhere with your hands free!

maxcare Spiky Massage Pillow

[Post Date:30-5-2019]
Give you a comfortable and intimate massage experience!

Green Dot Dot Instant Powder

[Post Date:3-5-2019]Each has different effects, the healthy drink choices for Moms!

Citi-Fun 會員限定‧筍貨放送


BRITA fill & enjoy Marella Jag with 2 MAXTRA+ Universal filters

[Post Date:23-5-2019]
Purify the water and provide a better water-drinking experience!

MISSHA Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Series

[Post Date:16-5-2019]
An extreme moisturizing formula that injects powerful water energy into your skin!

Cartoon School Bag

[Post Date:8-8-2019]
Adorable and durable, light and breathable, students’ favorite school item!

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