ISABELLE Younique Cookies Gift Box

The packaging of tiffany blue cookies box tied with a pink ribbon has intoxicated dozens of girls! Not only the cookies box, but the taste of the cookies inside are also outstanding. ISABELLE “Younique” Cookies Gift Box contains 10 flavors of cookies, including various unique flavors like Yogurt Chocolate and Grape Brandy Sandwich which surprise your taste bud. Foodie couples may consider buying one for your beloved to share the sweetness of cookies!

Flavors of Cookies:

  • Yogurt Chocolate x2
  • Grape Brandy Sandwich x2
  • Caramel Almond Boat x2
  • Chocolate Almond Tuile x3
  • Butter Cookie x3
  • Coconut Milk Cookie x4
  • Vanilla Flavor Tuile x4
  • Pumpkin Seed Cookie x4
  • Cheese Tuile x4
  • Assam Tea Cookie x4

ISABELLE Younique Cookies Gift Box


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